Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jesus & The Law of Attraction

It is unfortunate that many Christian denominations claim to have the truth about Jesus Christ and his teachings when most of them don't jive with my understanding of his message. I have studied Jesus Christ now for 45 years and I just don't get the mainstream interpretation of his life and my belief of the life he was wanting us to live is so extremely different. For example, I believe that Jesus Christ taught us that we could have anything we wanted physically with the proper manifesting using our talents, mind and faith. He had examples of this over and over again, from creating bread and fish out of thin air, to multiplying wine by 1000s of bottles, to raising the dead, to walking on water and assuming Peter could too. He didn't perform these acts too look cooler than the rest of us or for us to worship him but so that we could learn to tap into our God given manifesting gifts.

But with this manifesting gifts are some rules. First you cannot be hating people, holding grudges, being mean, or selfish. You have to forgive and love and even love the "unloveable". If you don't do these things everyday - you are clogging up your mind, heart and spirit and will not be able to manifest what you want in your life - it won't work. I also believe Jesus Christ message was you have to have a committment of giving back and giving to others - 10% was a suggestion - but that is not to be taken literally - you can give more - and if you give less I think that is okay too. And giving comes not just in money, but also in time.

So people who have studied metaphysics, the subconscious mind, science of mind, the secret, the law of attraction - I believe that is Christianity!!!  But if I was to go into any of the dominate Christian churches and teach this message of manifesting your desires unless it was all through prayer I would be looked at as if I was from another planet (although I have hope when I see Joel Olsteen preaching this message). My belief is that prayer is to connect us to Jesus Christ & God in order to give us the belief in ourselves that anything is possible and the energy and faith not so we can wait for Jesus Christ & God to deliver to us our desires. We still have to go make that happen - but studying Christ message (as well as Buddha and other great prophets who speak the same truths) and asking for his help to believe it is possible is the reason for prayer.  That is why I think that group prayer can be powerful. It provides support for everybody in the group to believe that we can have anything we want - with the above rules in place.

So if you are a Christian it is perfectly natural and your human right to ask for what you want, to Follow Your Dreams and live the life you were meant to live.

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