Monday, May 9, 2011

Two Years to LIve? What would you do. My Father's Cancer Inspires Me

I just found out my father (what seemed to be a healthy 73 year old) has stage 4 colon, liver and rectum cancer. Doctors have given him 2 years to live with intensive chemotherapy.

So during my journaling on this news, I asked myself what would I do if I was told that today. Really, any of us could have only 2 years or less left to live. So I started my list:
  1. Travel European, South & Central America, India, Thailand & Egypt (I just don't know where I would find the money or way to do that right now.)
  2. Get accepted in a Ph.D. Program 
  3. Write a Book ( I was thinking of a way I could leave a Legacy and help the most people in two years) - it didn't take me long to come up with the topic and chapter outlines: "Motherless Children, Workplaces & the US."
  4. Deliver Keynote Speeches on my book.
Currently I am an Eco-Realtor, Sustainable Creative City Consultant and delivering an occasional training program on Generations at Work/Train the Trainer/Creativity/Creative Teams and a few others. Even though the first two are interesting and fun...I truly love training, teaching, researching, education and helping people to grow emotionally, psychologically to live happier lives. So it is such a hard process but I do want to act as if I have only 2 years left and do more training, teaching, writing my book, delivering my keynote and traveling.

What about you? What would you do if you were told you only had 2 years left?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sick and Tired of Wimpy Americans Especially Those Who Call Themselves Activists But Won't Use Facebook to Their Advantage

Every day I run into varieties of people who squish up their faces when I first ask if they are on FB and then when I ask if we can be friends. I especially go bezerk when I am at a community activist organizational meeting or just chatting with an activist, community organizer, or small business person and they look at me with a glaze in their eyes when I explain how I am using Facebook to connect with people for the purpose of organizing larger numbers for the causes I care about. It is especially annoying when I run across a Community Activist or Organizer on Facebook because they are either friends with somebody I respect or have made a few posts/comments I like and when I go to ask them to be a friend - they have told Facebook to block anybody they don't personally know with no way of sending a message of why I would want to be their friend...i.e. so I can support them in their activist cause and help them build numbers for their movement!!!!Geez Luise

Come on people of America! Wake Up! We have the most powerful tool we have ever had to truly have democracy and power to the people, but if you continue to be whiney about "ooooohhhh I don't want people knowing about my personal life so I am only going to be friends with people I know (all 8 of them) but yet I want "collective bargaining" or I want the corporations to clean up their messes or better yet be restricted from making messes in the first place or I want my cause_____________ to get bigger, receive money or support to actually make something change. Get over yourself and join forces with as many people who are trying to make a difference locally open to new friends you don't know. If you see a post you like check them out and ask to be their friend.

Egypt+ people have figured it out and are using FB & Twitter to overcome Dictators and get freedom and democracy.

I suggest you get as many new friends as you can in FB (you can set up lists to see your closest friends and families mostly but then be able to check in with your new FB friends) and check in daily on FB &/0r Twitter to be connected, stay in touch. Quit relying on the Corporate Owned Media on your television - and rely on people you trust to get you information.

And if you are in charge of an organization trying to make a difference and you don't have a Social Media Campaign in place - stop saying I don't know how, its so time consuming, blah blah blah and get somebody on board who can help you get it going. I offer those services call me: 816-686-7499 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              816-686-7499      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Please people before its too late and the Corporations & the Wealthiest People Who Don't Care about a World That Works for all completely strip us - get connected to more then just the people you personally know.

Its so easy to get started if you haven't started your own personal FacebookTwitter Activist Campaign or to go to the next level as well as getting your organization going.
  1. Send me an email with your name, organization, a brief description of what your cause is and what you are currently doing for your Social Media Campaign,
  2. a good email address and
  3.  I will send  you a top 10 things to do from where you are right now.
  4. my email is