Thursday, October 10, 2013

5 New Skills Needed to be Employable Today! 3.7 Million Job Openings in America

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in July of 2013 there were 3.7 Million Job Openings. There were 12.5 Million Unemployed. So where is the disconnect? I believe its because companies have a need for a new type of worker-skill set. No longer can you graduate from high school (and most non technical college degrees) and expect to get a high paying job where the employer trains you on the job, for instance manufacturing jobs. In order to get a higher paying job you need to have,  in addition to basic computer and Microsoft programs, these 5 Skills:

  1. Web Programming/HTML
  2. Mobile Apps Programming
  3. Social Media Communication and Marketing
  4. Interpersonal cCmmunications Skills 
  5. Critical-Creative Thinking. 
You need to be able to walk in and learn quickly your job without much assistance from your employer-manager.

So here's the rub. Those over 45 who have been laid off during the recession - most don't have this new skill set because they didn't have to in the jobs of the past and being over 45 there is age discrimination - companies don't want to hire older people who will raise their insurance rates.

On the other end of the age spectrum - our education-public schools are not training people for this new skill set. They need to increase the education in Math & English including writing for the Internet (like Blogging& Tweeting) get rid of most History, Geography, Extra Curricular - and add in Web Programming, Internet-Cloud Technology, Social Media Communications, Mobile Apps Programming, Creativity and Thinking Outside the Box and Interpersonal Communications.

In the 1990's schools did add into their curriculum Basic Keyboarding and  Microsoft Programs - Word, Excel & PowerPoint. Most Generation Y know these programs - many Baby Boomers do not. But that's not enough now. They need all the other technology communication tools needed as mentioned above.

But don't wait for our Government Sponsored Education system to do this for you or your children. The good news is that there are so many free programs online to learn all these skills - just takes a plan and discipline to do the independent study. If I had a child in High School, I would HomeSchool! My child would know by the time they graduated at 17 or 18 how to program a mobile app, run all Social Media Communications & Marketing, know HTML+, put up a fairly sophisticated web site, run a solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization), conduct high level internet research, write a blog, score high marks in interpersonal communications and critical-creative thinking skills. I would also take him or her to museums and teach art, culture, history, geography and government.

The good news is that anybody reading this has the capability to become the New Worker that employers are looking for to fulfill a lot of these 3.7 million unfilled jobs.

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