Friday, December 5, 2008

Why Ctrl/Alt/Del?

I originally came up with this as a blog after deciding to write a Keynote with the same title. Basically there are times in our lives that we need to hit the Ctrl/Alt/Del Button. I do believe in the theory from the book "Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow" by Marsha Sinetar. But I am beginning to see it a little differently than I did about 15 years ago when I first read it. So here are my latest thoughts on living a life with the most joy and meaning.

  1. Touch in with yourself mentally every morning - to get your attitude right for the day.
  2. It is most important to live as much in the Now with joy as you can. The more you can do that the more positive energy you give off and the more positive things will come your way.
  3. Decide what you really want in your life from job, place to live/work, relationships, stuff - write it down somewhere you will see it again and again. Don't cheat or compromise. Don't write down what you think is possible, truly write down what you would love to have in your life. Don't worry about the how.
  4. How? Have faith that it will eventually come to you. Repeat #2. Don't worry about it, have anxiety, let it go.
  5. Do what you can everyday to make it happen, but let go of the expectations of when it will happen specifically.
  6. What if you are in a job or situation right now that is really making you unhappy - 2 possible solutions: a) hit the ctrl/alt/del button and get out of there b) try to find things that you can enjoy and have positive feelings every day and plan your exit strategy.
  7. Expect the Unexpected - Serendipty. We can't understand and explain everything in this world we live. Mysteries, surprises, miracles do happen that we can not explain with rational explanations. Look for these to happen and they will. You never know what might happen to you today that leaps you to your next level towards your dreams and goals.
  8. Move away from negative people: at lunch, at meetings, friends, will drag you down and delay your dreams.
  9. Catch yourself saying, "I can't" or "It's not possible" and replace it with, I don't know how right now but there's got to be a way.
  10. Learn to meditate or some other mind discipline practice. We allow are mind to run wild with thoughts that are damaging to our happiness such as negativity.
I believe that values and belief systems that are given to us from our family and culture cause us to have thoughts that are many times negative in turn these thought cause negative emotions which in turn causes negative energy or vibrations being sent out to the universe and we get what we put out.

If you are unhappy with your current life and situation, you can change it. We do create our lives and therefore we can recreate our lives. You must be willing to hit the Ctrl/Alt/Del button either daily to reset your mental attitudes, thoughts, emotions and energy and often as necessary hit it to change the path we are on in career/job/relationship/living, etc....

Write a comment or your own ctrl/alt/del/ story. Also, take the poll and let us know how many times you have intentionally hit the ctrl/alt/del/ button in major areas of your life.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Life is all about finding as much joy as you can. The more joy you find the more joy will come to you. This video represents true joy to me!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Money and the Law of Attraction Part I

From the book: "Money and Law of Attraction" by Esther and Jerry Hicks." ....whenever you are thinking about a subject that is not pleasant, more unpleasant thoughts regarding that subject are quickly drawn. You find yourself, in very short order, not only experiencing what you are experiencing in this moment, but reaching into your past for more data that matches that vibration - and now, by the law of attraction, as your negative thought expands proportionately, so does your negative emotion.

...Soon you find yourself discussing the unpleasant subject with others, and now they add to it, often reaching into their past...until, in a very short period of time, most of you, upon any subject that you ponder very long, attract enough supporting datat that it does bring forth the essence of the subject of the thought into your experience.

----Many people over time become problem oriented rather than solution oriented and in their examination and explanation of the problem, they continue the perpetuation of the problem."

Recognize what you don't like, don't want and then quickly replace your thoughts with what you do want and as soon as you have doubts about the ability to get what you want, you need to set aside the doubts or the topic in general and focus on something else that you do like or you are going to keep bringing to you what you don't want.

It is all such tricky mind stuff! But I really do believe the more you focus on negative things in your life, the more negative your life becomes. Have you ever known somebody who has a physical ailment and then they have one after another physical problem and that is all they seem to talk about and it just keeps getting worse. My stepmother is like that right now almost to a point that I don't want to talk to her because that is all she talks about is all her illnesses that are compounding daily. Whereas my dad has a lot of pain in his back, shoulder, ankle, he's 73, but he doesn't ever talk about it. Even when I ask how is your back? He says its okay and then changes the subject.

I think it is good to keep track every day of how often you are dwelling in the negative vs. the positive.

That is why a Gratitude Journal is so powerful. Everyday write down 5 things you are grateful for, for 30 days and watch your life change.