Tuesday, November 30, 2010

3 Magic Questions for Improved Human Potential at Your Company

The best way for a company to grow and increase innovation and sales is to hire people who are interested and open-minded in self growth and interpersonal growth. The first step for a company to change from a stagnate, lacking in innovation, flat or decreasing sales company is in changing the hiring and interviewing policies of potential employees by asking these 3 Magic Questions:
  1. "What book have you read in the last year that has helped you to become a better person?"
  2. " What training, seminar or class have you attended that helped you to become a better person
  3.  "If you could do anything you desired and make plenty of money and be successful what would you do?"
    The first two questions will let you know if the potential employee is on a path of self-initiative to learn and grow as a person and it lets them know from the beginning that self and interpersonal growth is a value and expectation of the company. So when they are asked to go to a training on better communication skills, they are excited and ready to learn versus feeling like it is a waste of time.

    The third question gives you the interviewer an idea of how much soul searching the candidate has done to determine their calling, passion or purpose in life? It also sets up the value that your company celebrates a person's whole self and will help them to live a life of purpose.
The next steps is to incorporate a Human Potential Strategy at your company.
  1. Train Managers in Interpersonal & Managing People Skills: Personality, Communication and Diversity
  2. Orientation train new employees on interpersonal skills: Personality, Communication, Diversity and Team Work.
  3. Train Trainers and Managers to be Dynamic & Creative Trainers
  4. Train all employees on Interpersonal Skills (see above)
  5. Provide classes on helping employees examine their purpose and career choice.
  6. Track employees self growth and  interpersonal development skills using a Learning Management System (LMS) software.
  7. Use a 360 Degree Evaluation System: 5 people evaluations vs. supervisor to employee evaluation.
  8. Conduct yearly Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys
  9. Conduct Exit Interviews
  10. Conduct Return On Investment for impact on company bottom line numbers for Development & Engagement Strategies...you can easily look at sales numbers, turnover, customer service scores for example.
Franny Knight, Inc. and the SME People of KC offer a Free Human Potential Evaluation for organizations to help them begin the process of getting 100% engagement from employees: www.frannyknight.com or 816-686-7499. 

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