Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do What You Love Steps - Reprogramming Your Subconcsious Mind

Many people hate work simply because they have not found their own place in the scheme of life. They are doing what is the best they can do at the moment mostly in a job to pay the bills. So the first step out of this rut is to make a commitment to yourself to everyday retrain, reprogram your subconscious mind to get what you really want in life in your vocation. Here are the steps:

  1. Every day for as long as you can do it (at least 15 minutes - the longer the more powerful) ask yourself: "If I could do anything in the world I wanted to do, be successful, make plenty of money and be happy what would it be?" Now this is very tricky for a lot of people. We are so used to going for what we think we can get that we never really access our true passion-mission-purpose. So you have to trust me on this and sky's the limit. Be very detailed with what your life would be like (be careful to include everything if not you will be doing something that you thought you wanted but a few of the details are not right. For example 15 years ago, I did this exercise 17 years ago and I came up with I wanted to teach about the higher mind and help people to grow to be better-happier and to travel. Wow it happened. I ended up getting my gig with National Seminars teaching seminars in every city in the country, but the travel was very tough, not quite what I was thinking of.
  2. Ask your subconscious mind to open the way for you.
  3. Create pictures mentally and in print to look at everyday. Vision Board with magazine pictures is very effective.
  4. Create affirmations - pithy short that you can remember and say every day.
  5. When the doubts, no ways, fears, insecurities start coming to your head - just say "cancel cancel cancel, I don't know how yet but there's got to be a way! Then set it aside and go about your day! Don't start rolliing in the "REALITY". You have to reprogram your subconscious mind with the possibility, visuals, won't happen overnight. You will have all the self doubts and negative self talk - count on it. Just say to yourself its okay it will take me awhile to start believing but its going to happen. AND I guarantee if you do this every day it will.
  6. Get some books that speak to this (see below), a support person who is also doing it or a support group (starting January I will be starting up the Dream Builders Club that will be meeting weekly).
  7. Don't tell anybody about your dream unless they understand the subconcious mind and the Laws of Attraction, Manifestation. Keep it to yourself! Most people don't understand these concepts and will sabotage you especially those closest to you.
I have been doing this exercise off and on for 17 years, starting when I was 28 years old after reading these very inspiring books:
  1. Think & Grow Rich: Napolean Hill
  2. Do What You Love the Money Will Follow: Marsha Sinetar
  3. Psychology of Achievement: Brian Tracy
  4. Creating Money:
  5. Key to Yourself: Venice Bloodworth
  6. Law of Attraction: Hicks-Abraham
  7. Wishcraft: Barbara Sher
  8. A Course In Miracles & Return to Love: Marianne Williamson
  9. Erroneous Zones: Wayne Dyer
  10. Hope for the Flowers
Reading these books, asking myself every day the question from above things really started changing for me. At the time I was working as a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant for a Medical Management Company and was very unfullfilled even though the money was great! I knew there had to be something more for me. So I started this journey and soon got accepted in to a Women's Spirituality PH.D. program in San Francisco. Even though I loved being in SF and the program, I couldn't quite make it $ wise so I had to quit. I then tried to do my business Knight Vision & Follow Your Dream Workshops and Counseling. Again, I couldn't make the business go because I couldn't make enough money.

BTW every time I tried something that was my passion and couldn't make $ I would go get  a job to pay the bills and many times would think this "Do What You Love" is a load of crap!  Because I was doing everything the books-authors were telling me but it wasn't working for me. I would go into mini depressions but eventually would come back to the above steps and start again. Why? Because what else do I have? To just stay in jobs that are unfulfilling? So it is the repetition that gets me farther each time. After my Knight Vision failed to make me enough money to live on, I worked for New Horizons Computer Learning Center as an Account Executive - was kind of cool for a job because I got to learn a lot about Microsoft programs, networking, etc....and I made really good money.
Whatever you are doing - do it well - with a light heart, knowing that your present occupation is merely a stepping stone to your desires. Do not scheme nor worry, but with prayer and thanksgiving make know your wants to the Holy Spirit within. Venice Bloodworth
I learned a lot but was bored with the Telesales job in a cubicle after a year and sought out something else closer to my passion of teaching & inspiring people to be happier. I then got my gig with National Seminars as a Public Seminar Speaker, which was awesome. It was the next step to my dreams. While doing work for them I created my own brand of programs that I sold "Shenanigans" and tried to market them, but couldn't ever get enough business to let go of National Seminars work. So I took a leap of faith 2 years ago (after 8 years at National) and quit not knowing how I was going to manifest the next level of my dream-passion. I did Real Estate for two years with my husband and started up the process-steps above again 2 months ago and I am now doing Franny Knight Consulting: Human Potential Consulting for companies, leaders, executives, managers and individuals. I feel it is happening now. I am getting closer to my Dream-Passion with more details in place. Details are very important to ask for in the beginning, but sometimes you just don't know the details until you start manifesting and see the ones you don't want.

The lessons I have learned: never give up, dreams don't have expiration dates, keep asking the question what would I love to do everyday, ask specifically with details of what you want, your mind can't hold to thoughts or visions at one time-go for the gusto vision/thought over and over, wash-rinse-repeat, repetition, repetition, repetition, find a support person or group.

If you are interested in the January Dream Builders Club and Support Group shoot me an email. Here' to hoping your dream comes true in all its amazing details. Franny

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