Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 2 of 30 Day Commitment to Follow My Dream

My activity today towards being a successful Human Potential CCTS (Counselor, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker) is to create a Franny Knight, Inc. Blog on Tumblr because it can act as my website and interacts with Facebook better than Blogger and to provide support to anybody here who is making their 30 Day Start. If you are just joining us could you post a comment here or on the 30 Day Event Page on Facebook:  
what your Statement-Claim for Your Dream Process - it helps everybody to read others claims - very inspiring. Remember, you don't have to believe its possible yet - go for the seemingly impossible not necessarily the possible - its an 30 Day Subconscious Mind Experiment.

I remember reading Marianne Williamson's "Return to Love" for the first time and her saying you don't have to believe in God (which I didn't at the time - agnostic) to have miracles happen in your life, you just have to do the exercises. And she said just experiment for 30 days and then decide. I did took her up on the experiment idea and  somewhat sarcastically and not totally believing (but hoping and wanting to believe) in the things she was suggesting. Guess What? My life literally changed in 30 days and upturned in 90 days. A Miracle is "Just Seeing It Differently" in my opinion and that was what she was getting me to do. And which I think is the power of the subconscious mind.   So that is what I am up to in this 30 day experiment - what are you up to?

        If you haven't read the book yet: "Return to Love" I highly suggest it!

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