Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yellow + Blue = Green or Ask & You Shall Receive

When you are wanting to Follow Your Dreams lets say in a new career and you just can't seem to get off "Start" or it just never seems to manifest for you - you are probably experiencing the "Law of Reverse Effect". You are saying one thing consciously, but your subconscious is stirring up other thoughts sometimes without you knowing it. So if you ask for Yellow and you get Green its because you also somewhere in your life have been asking for Blue. Yellow + Blue = Green. And then you wonder why the heck did I get Green?

Let's take an example. Let's say you are a salesperson for a pretty decent company that you like okay and you can make really great commissions for your sales. So you use the "Law of Attraction" and ask for what you want - "I want more clients and more sales". Or "I am a successful salesperson".  But after lets say a year your client base has actually decreased even though you said your affirmation every day. What happened. Well typically you are secretly wanting something else, like a different career. Maybe you really want to be a trainer not a salesperson but just don't have the training or skills or confidence to apply for the job or there's no opening at all at your company.

I have been fighting this problem ever since I first read the books "Creating Money" & "Do What You Love the Money Will Follow" and it gave me the idea that I could go after anything I wanted with the right mindset and manifesting skills. I started doing all the exercises, starting with asking the question over and over "If I could be anything with a guarantee of success what would it be?" At 28 years old I asked that question and decided I wanted to get my Ph.D. and Teach. I know that even though I have taken many paths that is ultimately my calling - teaching Human Potential, Cognitive-Perceptual Psychology, Consulting for Human Potential-Capital. But....I have not arrived to where I am doing that full time yet, because I always have to get a job or something else pops up as a way to make money. So I say I will do this for a while make some money and that will support my dream. I fear that this has been the wrong approach. Because whatever job or money making activity I am in that isn't my Dream takes a lot of my energy and I am manifesting skills to make that work at the time.

I think it is very important, as soon as you figure out what you really want, your purpose, calling, passion etc...that the sooner you can be doing it full time the quicker it will actually happen. I know it is hard when you have to pay bills....etc...but just saying it will speed the process up.

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