Monday, October 11, 2010

You are infinitely bigger and more powerful than you can imagine.

The law of the subconscious mind is suggestion. The subconscious mind does not think, reason, balance, judge or reject. It simply accepts all suggestions furnished by the conscious mind, whether they be good or evil, constructive or destructive. Therefore the secret of success is to store your subconscious mind with desire, ambition, courage, determination, enthusiasm and faith in yourself. Add to these indispensable attributes love for your all people and faith in the ultimate good of all things. Have faith in your inherent power to achieve. Our mental attitude is the magnet that draws to us everything we need to bring our desires into being.

Find out how much your ideas are worth to you. You can image big things as easily as little ones: put your creative imagination to work. Start something! Imagine things, not as they are, but as you would have them. Create a place for yourself in your imagination and hold it steadily. If you want a certain position, claim it as your own and "SEE" yourself doing it. Do not let any lack of training, education, or any kind of "BUTS" get in  your way.

Here is my statement to myself, my subconscious mind and the universe!
"I claim for myself that I am a successful Human Potential Trainer, Speaker, Consultant. I have plenty of business from companies, organizations and leaders who are wanting to achieve more with their people processes creating enough money to pay off all my debts, fix house, buy new house, car and get accepted into a PH.D. Program."

What is your statement? What do you wish for? Don't hold back. Don't worry about the how - just say it. You are infinitely bigger and more powerful than you can even imagine.

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